The 21th Gdansk Shakespeare Festival 2017

21st Gdańsk Shakespeare Festival

will take place from July 29th to August 6th 2017 in Gdańsk, Poland
The 21th Gdansk Shakespeare Festival 2017

ESRA Congress 2017

in Gdańsk
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The Gdansk Shakespeare Theatre

GST: theatre, music, education

a diverse cultural centre
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20th Shakespeare Festival Newspaper

Shakespeare Daily

Reviews, opinions, commentaries, editorials. Read & enjoy.


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11 August 2016

We are very grateful to our festival audience. Without your kind support, an interest in theatre, real emotions and positive attitude this event would not have its atmosphere and charm. A film by Antonija Putić
11 August 2016

Festival work by the eye of unusually gifted person, who appeared here unexpectedly, and have put all her heart, energy and humour in working with us. A person who has been everywhere, has met everyone and it is because of her that you could learn how this festival is created. Thank you Antonija! Film by Antonija […]
11 August 2016

Let’s have the last look at the backstage of the festival – see the photos from the places not easily accessible by the audience. Photos by Antonija Putić  


20 years of The Gdansk Shakespeare Festival

See how the festival has changed over the years

Learn from the best

The Summer Shakespeare Academy

A perfect place to meet and exchange thoughts with artists during the festival. An extremely varied and rich programme of educational activities, which offers something interesting to everyone.

Discussion after the performance

the artists

Discussion with the artists
right after seeing the performance
is a unique opportunity
to challenge your own
interpretation and ask

Be the first one to see


See the performance not only before the others but also enjoy a unique opportunity to listen to director’s introduction and talk to the artists. It is a one-time chance to learn more.



We would like to thank all the institutions, sponsors for their continued support of the Gdansk Shakespeare Festival

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