20 Shakespeare Festival

10 days / 32 companies
in Gdańsk

29 Lipca – 7 Sierpnia


31 July 2016

SOCIETAS RAFFAELLO SANZIO, Julius Caesar. Spared Parts, directed by Romeo Castellucci.

Dramatic intervention on W. Shakespeare, conceiving and staging by Romeo Castellucci.

Production Socìetas Raffaello Sanzio, in the frame of ‘and the fox said to the crow. General linguistics course’ Special Project City of Bologna 2014



29 July 2016 0

20th Shakespeare Festival Inauguration:
Stanisław Soyka & Cracow Singers – concert in Gdańsk Shakespeare Theatre,

ShakespeareOFF – Franciszka Kierc-Franik – at Gdańsk Shakespeare Theatre  yard,

“Hamlet” directed by Krzysztof Garbaczewski at Wybrzeże Theatre.

Photos: Dawid Linkowski

Anna Szynkaruk-Zgirska


14 July 2016

Gain experience that will help you progress on your journey to a career in the arts. Responsibilities may include organisation, animation, customer service, promotion, logistics, translation etc.

Natalia Wiercinska